This website is dedicated to exploring and examining popular media representations of Muslim characters. I’ve studied this for several years now and have found an alarming lack of character diversity on TV and very little attention being spent to analyze those muslim representations.

As a PhD student, I get a little disheartened when if find a really important piece of research that I know could benefit a lot of people but is wrapped in overly complicated language and hidden in the 4th volume of issue 27 of an obscure communication journal behind an expensive paywall. So my goal will be to bridge that gap between academia and the rest of the world.

Research has found that viewers can be heavily influenced in their attitudes and beliefs about individuals from cultural groups different than their own, especially if they aren’t given many opportunities to interact face-to-face.

This blog will look at the latest in entertainment education, critical media studies and discuss these in the context of Muslim characters on television. Often academics retreat to their ivory tower for these discussions all but ensuring they exclude huge swaths of the population from their conversations.

My hope is that the blog can be used as a resource for media makers and place where people with similar research interest come to stay informed and add their own thoats and opinions to the issue of the week.


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