Some Other Writers

Amy Davidson has a column with the New Yorker and writes on “war,sports and everything in between.” She has a delightful writing style that comes off as sophisticated yet unconstipated, rich while still being on message. Her articles read like an F. Scott Fitzgerald chapter, with vivid imagined dialogues proving a broader point that sometimes […]

Little Mosque on the Prairie

Alright, in 10 seconds try and name 5 ┬áMuslim characters on television? How about any shows with a predominantly Muslim cast? Surprisingly hard to do, right? This simple task is meant to highlight just how few Muslim characters are on television. More than 1 in every 5 people are Muslim, but this is not the […]

Inspirational Blogs

There are a few blogs that I’ve read for years and plan to steal as much as I can legally get away with while crafting my own blog. 538- hardly a blog anymore with a full staff and┬áteam of journalist, when 538 started out it pushed the boundaries of what was considered profitable news content. […]