Inspirational Blogs

There are a few blogs that I’ve read for years and plan to steal as much as I can legally get away with while crafting my own blog.

  1. 538- hardly a blog anymore with a full staff and team of journalist, when 538 started out it pushed the boundaries of what was considered profitable news content. For years, newsrooms had been dumbing down their content avoiding complicated statistics to appeal to all American demographics when 538 showed up and using a heavily data driven algorithms started predicting election outcomes with insane accuracy. Nate Silvers obsession with empirical data over sensational stories has paid off in the long run and its now many peoples first stop for news and political analysis.
  2. Originally Woot but now, and not really sure this counts as a blog but is rather a wholesaler who sells one item a day at a deeply discounted rate. I included it because the daily product descriptions are some of my favorite writings on the internet. The tone is a combination or sardonic, cynical and apathetic which is the polar opposite of most websites dedicated to selling you crap you don’t need. The disinterested salespersona is woven throughout all the secondary pages and community forums cultivating a refreshing attitude towards consumerism.
  3. My last influence, celebrates the Kia’s of the kitchen world and highlights all the terrible chefs of the internet. It’s just some good ol’ fashioned low brow humor that makes fun of the worst food pictures shared on social media. Often resorting to profanity when out of negative adjectives, asks, “why the hell did you post a picture of the that to insta?” No the website isn’t pretty, it’s cheeky and funny-plus why would you bother making something pretty that is going to have a bunch of pictures of with the aesthetic appeal of train wreck.



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