Some Other Writers

Amy Davidson has a column with the New Yorker and writes on “war,sports and everything in between.” She has a delightful writing style that comes off as sophisticated yet unconstipated, rich while still being on message. Her articles read like an F. Scott Fitzgerald chapter, with vivid imagined dialogues proving a broader point that sometimes goes unstated. Her target audience is college educated liberals hoping to stay informed but perhaps burned out on the sensationalized or overly data focused alternatives to her column.

Rose Eveleth is the author of The Last Word on Nothing, a blog that reads like its targeting Millennial Hipsters who have avoided being nihilist. The topics are eclectic but thought provoking, writing on topics from menstrual cups to ghost legends. It would be really difficult to categorize the blog by the subject matter it covers and instead seems to largely be a reflection of the authors own shifting attention.

It seems Ta-Nehisi Coates is the heaviest of the three writers discussed here. He isn’t exactly someone I would pick up and read before I’m going to sleep due to the nature of his writing being unsettling and disturbingly though provoking. His writing style seems to build as a piece progresses often waiting till the end to reveal his intended point which I something that when done well is top tier writing but is a nuisance from amateurs. He does it well. I think a large portion of his audience are black intellectuals, or those who believe in the importance of listening to people from that demographic category.




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