Edward Said’s Orientalism, is a cornerstone text describing the relationship between discourses, power and the Wests relationship with “The Orient.” He traces the basis of French and British imperialism to a propensity to denigrate islamic based cultures and elevate the status of western cultures. Put more simply, British officers believed that England was god’s gift to this earth, […]

Saudi Arabia: Uncovered

Saudi Arabia: Uncovered is a documentary that shows the “rarely” seen side of Saudi Arabia covering the religious fundamentalism in the country. This is a very tricky subject because many of the practices they engage in are clearly destructive and promote violence to other religions. However, many people in the western audiences ignore similar abuses by […]

Entertainment Education

One of the fastest growing areas of communication studies is entertainment education. What do I mean by entertainment education? Essentially, intentional education that is a byproduct of entertainment. It is meant to be something educational that users want to consume for the sake of entertainment. Not something mildly entertaining a school teacher forces you to […]