Axis of Evil Comedy Tour

Considering  my affinity for inciteful titling I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this group before. Axis of Evil Comedy Tour started in 2005 and was comprised of 4 Muslim Americans reflecting on their lives post 9/11. Normally, I try to find the good and the bad but I’m still laughing too much to identify any semblance of criticism. My general rule of thumb is that people can make jokes from their own social locations at those groups expense and if they are going to be offensive they need to be damn funny, they meet both of these completely arbitrary rules.

My friend shared a clip of Maz Jobrani with me and if you’ve even watched a second of the World Cup, I cannot recommend it enough. He is able to begin with a simple comment about how weak the chant “I believe that we can win,” is and end with a pretty hilarious underhanded indict of imperialism.

I think these videos are great because they really do start from the position of entertainment first and add on educational content, perhaps unintentionally. Many of the jokes reduce idea’s I’ve struggled to articulate into a quick setup and a punch line that is more memorable and digestible to resistant audiences. I want to write more but I want to resist spoiling many of the great jokes that these comics bring to the table so you’re just going to have to check them out yourself.


Edited 5/9/17


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