The Firing of a Troll

This week Marvel decided to fire Adrian Syaf for inserting “Muslim” references into some of his comic book drawings. The references were deemed to be against Marvels message of inclusivity and acceptance. In one drawing, Adrian hid “212,” a reference to a Muslim protest against Jakarta’s first Christian governor. In other piece he hid the number 5:51- a reference to the Quran passage indicating only other Muslims are fit to lead. His response to the accusations and firing ““But, Marvel is owned by Disney. When Jews are offended, there is no forgiveness,” making it a little hard to feel sympathetic to his cause.

Overall it seems like a pretty silly move to risk your career for some mildly edgy religious captions but it does highlight a double standard. Many Christians constantly take for granted how much of the US caters and centers around Christianity. John 3:16 is plastered across hundreds of things in the US indicating only Christians are getting into heaven. And although there isn’t a codified law against it, many Americans already secretly believe being a Muslim is justification to be disqualified from any public office. The entire reason people were worried about Obama being a Muslim is that they believed it made him “unfit” to lead our “Christian” nation. I don’t have much of a point except to point out that many of the people feigning outrage push their own obnoxious religious beliefs when given any type of platform.


Edited 5/9/17


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