Reflecting on the blog…

A lot of this blog has been my own personal response to academia. Over the last four years of graduate school, I’ve become more adverse to academic writing. Putting on the academic hat and writing “like an academic,” has never been something I enjoyed and this was a great way for me to rewrite many […]

Ayman Fadel- Muslim Media Review

Muslim Media Review is a review of many of the media depictions of Muslims as well as a place where a Muslim, Ayman, reviews other media. This is a very long term project and was created in 2006. At this point he has almost a thousand posts and although he has slowed down considerably over the […]

The Firing of a Troll

This week Marvel decided to fire Adrian Syaf for inserting “Muslim” references into some of his comic book drawings. The references were deemed to be against Marvels message of inclusivity and acceptance. In one drawing, Adrian hid “212,” a reference to a Muslim protest against Jakarta’s first Christian governor. In other piece he hid the […]

Kamala Kahn

The 4th character to take over Ms. Marval, Kamala Kahn,  is the first Muslim superhero to headline a Marvel book. This is undoubtably an important step towards increasing Muslim visibility, but additionally nudges the genere in a more diverse direction, something Marvel has been criticized for before. The story centers around Kamala Kahn, discovering her newfound […]

Axis of Evil Comedy Tour

Considering  my affinity for inciteful titling I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this group before. Axis of Evil Comedy Tour started in 2005 and was comprised of 4 Muslim Americans reflecting on their lives post 9/11. Normally, I try to find the good and the bad but I’m still laughing too much to identify any […]